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Yes, look at the Contact Us page for information on how to get in touch. We can get you set up and going. Just give us a call.

Yes, and our team will get your products to you quickly with special attention paid to your needs.

Yes, at Scaffolding Today we want to work for you. Contact us and we will collaborate with you on an order and follow that up with our best price.

Yes, as part of our commitment to deliver the best service we can pick up rented scaffold from a jobsite.

Scaffolding Today is not a broker of someone else's product. We build our own products and stand behind them. Because there is no middle man we can pass savings along to our customers.

Scaffolding Today Inc prides itself on providing the latest relevant industry training to our team on a regular basis. We ensure we provide you best-in-class services by staying on top of industry trends and developments.

We offer you vast expertise and experience in a spectrum of industries at Scaffolding Today Inc. We are the leading SCAFFOLD PROVIDER BASED OUT OF NEW JERSEY/CHICAGO/PHILADEPHIA AND HOUSTON. Our expert team of professionals will answer all of your questions even before your project begins- putting your mind at ease, and ensuring everything runs smoothly and,most importantly,as safely as possible.

A competent person shall inspect the scaffolding and scaffolding equipment before each work shift; and after any incident that could destroy the structural integrity of the scaffold (if any).

We offer services related to scaffold for sales, scaffold rental, services, delivery & pick up services at a very reasonable price.

All employees at Scaffolding Today Inc are meticulously trained in the proper installation of construction scaffolding and dismantling⁹ techniques.

Scaffolding Today Inc is one of the most trusted scaffold suppliers nationwide. Yes, we deliver and pick up the scaffolds directly with our customers.

We do not errect and dismantle

We offer scaffolding for sale, scaffold rental and products like scaffold right angle clamp, scaffold frames at an affordable price for every kind of budget and project requirement. Please Visit Scaffolding Today Inc.

Safety must always come first when designing a job's scaffolding. We've learned over the decades in the company that there are no shortcuts to safety. As a result, it is advisable to deal with an expert scaffolding company rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Scaffolding Today Inc. provides full-service scaffold rental, installation, and dismantling. We employ an efficient scaffolding system; including unique safety locking connections that tighten with usage. This is deployed by our expert workers who are qualified and specially trained in scaffolding installation. Our crew always conducts a full safety briefing before initiating work on the project and after installing equipment in accordance with OSHA and client jobsite instructions.

Yes, Scaffolding Today Inc has worked on different sizes of projects in a range of sectors including projects for homeowners, building managers, local authorities, and house building construction companies.

Here are some simple methods to ensure proper precautions at work, to reduce the risk of scaffolding injuries.

  • Prepare properly prior to project:
  • Ensure proper training. Secure the scaffold.
  • Don't forget about the guardrails.
  • Inspection and maintenance on a regular basis.
  • Make use of PPE (personal protective equipment)